On-site Treatment Makes Sense in the Long Haul

Some processing plants can discharge wastewater with the same organic load as an entire town or small city. This—coupled with the sludge that accompanies the liquid waste streams—creates challenges for municipal treatment plants.

In some cases, wastewater and organic waste left over from manufacturing cannot be treated by a local municipal treatment plant—even at an additional cost. The municipality may simply not be equipped to handle the composition or the volume of wastewater that industrial processors are trying to dispose of.

Other times, manufacturing plants are built in very isolated areas with no local municipal treatment plant option. This leaves some processors with no choice but to haul their waste long distances, and that comes at a considerable cost.

The High Price of Sludge Management

The treatment and disposal of sludge accounts for a substantial percentage of total wastewater treatment plant expenses. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that sludge management costs represent approximately 50 percent of an operations and maintenance (O&M) budget for a wastewater treatment plant.*

Sludge usually requires stabilizing, thickening, and/or dewatering before being transported to its ultimate disposal site. With landfill space rapidly shrinking and environmental regulations tightening, the future of sludge disposal is uncertain.

In short, sludge preparation, storage, and disposal are all expensive, time-consuming considerations of the wastewater treatment process.

A Better Way to Tackle Hauling

An on-site wastewater treatment system can solve the dilemma of hauling waste and sludge off-site. Anaerobic digestion technologies in particular generate considerably less sludge than aerobic systems, so dewatering becomes less of an expense. This allows industrial processors to realize the return on their investment sooner. The ADI-BVF® reactor, for example, minimizes sludge handling and disposal costs and provides a flexible sludge wasting program.

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By selecting a customized wastewater solution, your plant can consistently address even tough-to-treat waste while minimizing hauling costs and the associated emissions.

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