Keeping Pace with Production

The goal of every business is to grow. When consumers love your brand, products start flying off the shelves, and industrial processors are challenged to keep pace with their own popularity. Wastewater treatment and disposal considerations can become a bottleneck to production—but not with the right on-site technology.

Overcoming Changes to Wastewater Volume & Characteristics

Increases to plant production—whether that’s manufacturing greater quantities of existing products or introducing an entirely new product line—usually coincide with increased costs for off-site wastewater treatment. That’s usually because more wastewater flow and/or wastewater with greater strength impacts the local municipal treatment plant’s ability to treat it.

An on-site wastewater treatment system empowers a plant to handle additional wastewater flow and load with ease, helping businesses grow to their full potential. If your plant is progressive enough to already treat wastewater on-site, the existing treatment system can be adapted to handle the larger volume or the change in wastewater characteristics.

Sizing & Design Characteristics: When Modular Systems Make Sense

A modular on-site wastewater treatment system is particularly effective because of the “plug and play” approach. This takes the guesswork out of sizing a treatment system and allows industrial processors to grow organically, without worrying about whether or not their wastewater treatment system will be able to keep up when it comes time to expand.

For example, ADI Systems’ anaerobic membrane bioreactors (AnMBRs) and aerobic membrane bioreactors (MBRs) are prefabricated and designed with flexibility in mind—both in terms of expansion and process control. The physical membrane barrier provides a great deal of flexibility and stability in the biological process, as the MBR system can operate at higher mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS) concentrations than conventional activated sludge systems.


Investing in the Future

Investing in on-site wastewater treatment allows processors to better prepare for production plant increases. Whether it’s keeping up with market demand for existing products or introducing a new product line, an on-site wastewater treatment system allows processors to meet effluent requirements as plant operations change over time—without the steeper fees imposed by the city.

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