Membrane Technology Forum Recap

ADI Systems has grown to become a world leader in membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology. Our team of experienced engineers have mastered both anaerobic and aerobic MBR options, and this expertise has been proven in many successful MBR installations around the world.

Recently, ADI Systems was invited to present at the Membrane Technology Forum, the premier event in the commercial membrane and membrane technology sector. The event offers valuable education surrounding improving membrane performance, minimizing membrane fouling and scaling, and eliminating common membrane mistakes.

Presenting ADI Systems' Membrane Bioreactor Expertise 

Daniel Bertoldo and Ke Xie, two of ADI Systems’ engineers, traveled to Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA to share informative presentations for attendees of the Membrane Technology Forum.

One presentation focused on the success of the MBR at Monogram Food Solutions' pet food manufacturing plant in Schulenburg, Texas, USA. The system at Monogram generates a pristine effluent typical of ADI Systems’ MBR technology. Engineered to be the simplest, most reliable MBR technology available on the market, the system is designed to remove over 99 percent of Monogram’s influent biochemical oxygen demand (BOD). The long solids retention time and near-perfect solids capture results in enhanced process stability and complete nitrification. Even when treating high-strength wastewater, the MBR system maintains a low membrane fouling rate with infrequent membrane cleanings, simplifying the overall treatment system operation.

ADI-MBR membrane bioreactor.jpg

The second presentation examined how ADI Systems helped Noosa Yoghurt expand its operations with a modular MBR system. The system was sized and designed with expansion in mind. Two prefabricated membrane tanks were installed in a phased approach, doubling Noosa’s wastewater treatment capacity and allowing the plant to meet stricter discharge limits on nitrogen and phosphorus. The “plug and play” compact MBR system is celebrated for its proven ability to produce high-quality effluent.

effluent noosa.jpg

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